About Us

The story of our company started with a present for a friend, who is a below-the-knee amputee and a fitness instructor in the building near our office. At first, we did not know he had a prosthesis. When we saw it he said he disliked the way it looked. That got us thinking about how to change that. After a good deal of thinking, several prototypes, and a ton of excitement, the first Arthesis cover was created! The smile on his face was a powerful inspiration for us. It is our ambition to bring the same smile to all the people who have prostheses. 

Unfortunately, we met many obstacles. Our funding was shut down, no suitable partner for the production was found, legal interests emerged. We were forced to freeze the project. But we never gave up. We saw the interest you showed in our product. We saw how happy were the people trying our products, while the trials. And their smiles and joy made us more determined and more motivated. We expanded our team and we alone funded our project. A lot of friends helped us. All the legal issues were managed. Trustworthy partners for the production and the distribution presented themselves. The prototypes were improved with better engineering and design. It was difficult, it was a long way but it totally worth it, only because of all the positive feedback that we got! Now we turn to you. As you stood beside us, now we are there for you


Our Team:

Georgi Chipov

CEO - Sofia/Bulgaria

Kamen Minkov

R&D - Sofia/Bulgaria

Stoyko Nikolov MD

Company Representative - Stuttgart/Germany

Sofia Altova

Graphic Designer - Berlin/Germany

Konstantin Laskov

Production - Sofia/Bulgaria

Antony Pondalov

Graphic Designer - Sofia/Bulgaria

Valentin Zhelyaskov

Product Designer - Sofia/Bulgaria

Our Friends

Kamen, Illiyan and Spass. They are paraolympic athlethes and without their help we would not have been able to create an awesome product like the Arthesis cover. Thank you boys!