Walk Your Way

With our prosthetic covers

Prosthetic covers that make you stand out

Arthesis is for leg amputees who want to express themselves boldly and creatively

What is Arthesis

An Arthesis cover is a prosthetic cover that wraps around the prosthesis in order to make it look beautiful. Mirrors the shape of the healthy leg. It is built with a special lightweight and yet very durable material.

Show who you are

The design on the cover is a powerful self expression tool. You can choose a design that reflects your personality similarly to a tattoo. Only it’s way better – you can put it on and off in seconds and you can get additional designs and change them according to the situation you are in.

Durable materials​

You dont have to worry about accidentally damaging the cover.​

100 % Satisfaction guarantee

If you don't like our product we will refund you In 30 days.

Restores body symmetry

Concerned how your pants fit? Arthesis will change that and restore the complete and symmetrical look.

Perfect fit

The Arthesis fits any prosthesis - below-knee and above-knee. Our smart mechanism takes care of that.

Freedom to move

All designs don't limit your movements.

Easy to clean​

The materials we use allow for the cover to be cleaned easily with water and soft cloth.

Easy attachment

Every Arthesis cover consists of two parts - a back panel and a front panel. The back one attaches to the prosthesis using special belts with an anti-slip surface. They are also very easy to tighten which helps the cover to stay in place during your normal everyday activity. If you ever want to go with your bare prosthesis you just unstrap the cover. It is as easy as changing clothes.​

Just click it!

The front panel is where most of the design magic happens. It attaches to the back panel with very strong magnets allowing it to click in place in seconds. This smart mechanism allows you to change designs at will.​

I got my first shorts ever after I got my Arthesis. I feel great.